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Executive Job Search Program


Since 2015 I have been helping many senior managers land their next role. The reason I focus on senior managers is due to the fact they cannot expose themselves when looking for their next job. As soon as a senior manager says the word “looking” in the context of looking for their next role they lose the value and interest by many head-hunters. Head-hunters are mostly “designed” to head-hunt and take the most satisfied and successful C-Suite, MDs and GMs from their existing and fulfilling jobs. That’s when I come into place!

I help you create a successful approach, complete roadmap and a strategy to gain the visibility and interest of head-hunters without ever having to expose yourself about the fact you are actually “looking”, that’s totally confidential and will stay between the two of us.

You might be currently not employed and wonder how do you say you are not” looking”? I have a solution for that, and we can discuss a differentiated approach for your case as well.

You might just want to plan a total different career path for the next few months or years ahead and want to start getting some light and guidance of an experienced and recognized professional, and that’s totally fine, we can also work on that if that’s your case.


Let’s have an initial consultancy session so I can collect some information about your background, understand your career aspirations and be able to send you a proposal and my recommendations on a report after that. I will also be sharing great insights and some secrets usually kept by head-hunters. Our session might take up to 1h30.

You can then choose to take the suggested actions into practice yourself or hire me to help you throughout the process and do great part of the work  for you. If you choose to do the complete program with me, I will then avail the initial session and deduct from the program fee.

The complete program covers all what involves in getting a new job:

* Understanding the mindset of head-hunters and teaching you the right approach and key words to be used

*  CV & LinkedIn re-writing according to the target job and career aspirations

* Professional Marketing – Online LinkedIn Branding & Visibility and offline: How to gain attention and be recognized as an expert in your industry

* Job Interview Preparation: How to prepare, what to say, toughest questions and answers during job interviews

* Guidance on Salary Negotiation

* Guidance and training on the effective use of LinkedIn to increase followers, identify relevant network and find the hidden jobs.


WHAT ARE MY CLIENTS SAYING (some extraction samples below)? Or Check it here! And Remember to read my BLOG with several tips! 🙂

Look forward to hearing from you!

Isabelita Castilho

“…She is passionate, she is very experienced in the UAE market, she knows the little secrets that can move you forward in your career….”

“…It took me only a month to get the results from the changes she recommended, and I could get 3 interviews in just a week…”

“…The opportunity that I have learned how to approach the international labor market, especially in Dubai, would not have been so successful, if it had not had the opportunity to work together with Isabelita Castilho, who in the most relaxed and professional way, transmitted value-added teaching. Thank you very much for your dedication!…”

“It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Isabelita..”